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When To Use A Professional Pest Control Company

There are some insect problems such as spiders or ants that can be treated by the homeowner, but a termite infestation should be treated by pest control experts. Some industry estimates show that termite damage repairs and control cost over $5 billion annually in the United States. Termites can live in a home for several years without showing any signs of damage so homeowners should ensure their home is regularly inspected by a trained professional to protect it from termites.

Termites can do a great deal of damage to the structural integrity of a home or building. Knowing how to kill termites is very useful knowledge, especially if they are caught early on before much damage is done. Homes or buildings should be inspected for termites on a regular basis. Preventing termite infestation is preferable to trying to get rid of them.

An exterminator can recommend the best approach for treating a home to prevent infestation for a particular species of termite which may be likely to infest a home. A qualified pest extermination expert is trained in the techniques, products, and methods used to treat termite infestations, including environmental regulations and relevant safety.

Depending upon the amount and the location of the infestation, treatment may call for tools that are of industrial strength intensity. If an infestation is extreme, for example, treatment may need to be applied to the soil under a home to treat and prevent termites from infesting the subterranean areas beneath the home. The exterminator will have the tools necessary to drill holes in the home’s foundation where treatment rods will be inserted filled with termiticide specifically formulated for the home’s termite infestation.

Termite control experts can also recommend ways to prevent future termite infestations with specific home maintenance tips. They may also recommend residual termiticide applications and will normally recommend annual inspections to check for potential problem areas such as leaks, low-sloping roofs, or poor grading, all of which can create potential areas for termite infestations. These types of problem areas can create places for moisture to pool or accumulate and where termites can survive.

When looking for a good termite control company, there are some important factors to take into consideration when making the decision on which company to hire. First, an extermination company will back its work with a money back guarantee in case there is further termite damage after the company has treated the infestation. Second, ensure the termite extermination company has the appropriate licenses.

Any quality termite control company will be happy to show a homeowner that license upon request. The company will also provide an on-site inspection of the home, for free, and then will provide the homeowner a quote in writing for treating a termite infestation. This quote will include all of the details of the work to be performed and details on labor and materials involved. A professional pest control company will also be willing to provide references upon request and will have a reputation of integrity and providing professional termite treatment and prevention.

The pest control company should be willing to inspect the homeowner’s property free of charge and develop a written proposal for treatment and cost quote. The proposal for a treatment and control program should include:

  • A description of the problem
  • Pests that will be controlled
  • Pesticides to be used and active ingredients in each
  • Any possible health implications or adverse effects associated with the active ingredients
  • The form of pesticide to be used and how it will be applied
  • Any non-chemical alternatives available
  • Any special instructions to reduce the homeowner and their family’s exposure to the pesticide including vacating the home, removing pets, emptying cabinets, etc.
  • Recommendations to minimize future pest problems

A professional termite control exterminator will be skilled at identifying termites and will be very knowledgeable about the construction of buildings and especially residential building procedures. Professional Waco Texas exterminators will provide detailed inspection reports and thoroughly understand state and local pest control ordinances.

They will also know and understand all EPA standards and will know which pest control products are EPA-approved. When dealing with any insect infestation – but especially a termite infestation – it is recommended to hire the services of a professional exterminator to help with the treatment and prevention of the infestation.

Advice on Effective Termite Control

When you discover that your home has been invaded by termites you will need to act fast on deciding the best action to take for termite control. It is usually advisable to use a professional company to assist you in the termite invasion. You can however decide to take matters into your own hands. Below is a guide on the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

Termite Control using a Professional Company:

-Your home will be free from termites within two weeks

-The treatment used is usually very effective , meaning you will not have to worry about termites for awhile

-Professional companies will usually give you the option of insurance to safeguard your home from further invasions


-Can cost you a lot of money

-You will need to look over various forms related to legal processes to ensure you are getting the best deal

-You may have to vacate your property over the period of the treatment for termite control

Termite Control (DIY) do it yourself:

-You can save yourself on a lot of money

-By learning the right procedures you can learn how to treat re-infestations effectively

-DIY is advisable for termite infestations that are on a small level


-You could run the risk of extensive damage happening to your home if you are unsuccessful in treating the termite infestation

-You may think you have dealt with the infestation only to find the termites are back shortly after treatment

-The chemicals are highly toxic and can be dangerous to your health

Preventing Termites

Prevention of termites is far better than treating an infestation that may have already caused damage to your home. There are various ways to protect your home from these insects that can have a devastating effect on your home.

The best way to protect your home is to ensure you are not providing them with a food source. Never leave piles of wood lying around such as chopped firewood or left over wood from renovations you may have had done on your home. Other items that may draw termites to your home are wooden fences that have not been treated or even damp cardboard boxes.

Ensure that your gutters are clean and free from decomposing matter, this can accumulate moisture which is highly attractive to termites. Make sure any timber in and around your home has been treated in the correct manner to keep termites away.

Holes and cracks in and around the home should be filled up. If you use mulch in your garden you will need to take care as wood chips are haven for termites especially in the rainy seasons.

Wood that is contact with the ground can additionally pose a problem and should be mounted on concrete or the wood needs to be treated.

The air conditioner in your home should be placed at least six inches away from your home and the vents should face away from the house. Moisture can build up on the walls and become an invitation for termites. Washing machines or tumble dryers should be leak proof and pipes should be checked on a regular basis.

It is important to know that when treating termites that each situation of a termite infestation is unique. Your professional termite exterminator will customize a treatment to suit your situation accordingly.

When you are looking to sell your home or buy a new one, it is always advisable to request a activity report related to termites. This report is known as (wood destroying organisms inspections report). This report will review if any termites are present and then it should be followed with a guarantee on the termite agreement. Always get a second opinion when you are unsure of a termite problem.

It is advisable to not buy or rent a home that has a flat roof due to the excessive build up of water and moisture due to the design. If you are in doubt call out a reputable company to come out and administer and inspection of your home. Prevention is always better than cure when it come to termites that have been known to destroy homes within a short period of time.

Exterminators Are A Necessity For Any Property

There are all different types of properties and different areas within the country. With each unique area and type of property comes different possibilities for pest problems. However, the fact remains that in each instance exterminators are definitely a necessity. Why? Left alone or handled on your own, you will eventually have pest problems of all kinds throughout the years that can end up costing you much more than if you hired a professional exterminator service to come out to your home routinely.

These pest issues can range from daily ants, roaches and other bugs to major spider or rodent issues and even long-term termite issues. The termites left untreated can end up really costing you, and you might even lose your home to those pesky creatures. Of course prior to purchasing any home or place of business, you definitely want to have a professional termite inspection done. And, it’s best to have the exterminator come out for termite prevention routinely instead of waiting until you find out you have a termite problem. These are creatures that you don’t want to see because if you see them, your home is probably already infested. You don’t usually see them when they start building up at the beginning.

Of course, hiring any exterminator is not your only decision. You want to hire the best exterminator. Big names are out there as well as more local businesses, and you want to check out prices as well. On top of that, you need to make sure they are going to handle all of what you need done and can prevent all the creatures you want out of your home from coming in and living with you.

Many people tend to think that their homes aren’t infested and they can do without an exterminator. In reality, most of the infestation is not often going to be visible, as was described with the termites in a previous paragraph. Spiders like to hide out in dark corners, and there are some dangerous poisonous spiders out there. If you have kids in your home, this is not a risk that you want to take. Of course mice and rats like to live in the confines of your walls and other hidden spaces. They show up occasionally, and they can really make you think twice about not having hired an exterminator.

In a modern world where budgeting is a necessity, you have to prioritize your household. Obviously, it can be hard to make room for things that even seem required at times. Don’t make that mistake when considering whether or not to hire an exterminator. While other priorities might top the list above this requirement, the fact remains that an exterminator is still a priority and definitely a necessity for any property owner.

If you own a business where products will be stored and/or customers will be present, you can imagine how having an exterminator routinely visit is going to be needed for sure. You don’t want roaches, mice, spiders or any other type of creature running around in front of your customers or getting into your supplies and products you have on location.

The fact remains that there are even more pests than have been mentioned, and you are going to find out so much more about them as you check out exterminators in your area. Perhaps you’re a new home or business owner and have not had the chance to do this yet. Or, maybe you have been a home or business owner for quite some time and have considered hiring exterminators in the past but haven’t. Maybe you are one that has occasionally had one out to your property whenever you see something that is a problem. Now you know what you should do about that because it is best to practice preventative measures when it comes to pests that can infest your property.

So now that you know more about why exterminators are important, it’s time to find one in the area that can take care of your needs. You are going to see that it’s one of the best things you can do to maintain your home and make sure that everything and everyone is safe.