Types Of Bedbug Exterminators

Pest exterminators are required to get special license for operating their business. Before you select one, make sure to check their licensing information. It is not recommended that you hire one that has no license. Even it is illegal to run a business without a valid license.

So Keyth Jordan has recently launched his Bye Bye Bedbugs system, and he is making some pretty big claims. We’re going to analyze this new bed bug fighting system and find out whether the hype is actually real or not. We’re going to use it to prove or disprove the claims!

Now that I have given you all the bad news, here is some good news. You can get rid of them yourself. Your chance of success will be determined by many factors, but there are several tips I can give you to try to be successful in your goal for successful bed bug extermination.


Chemical Method: Chemicals are also used to control bed bug infestation cases. In this method, chemical formulations popularly known as pesticides or insecticides are used. Exterminating bed bugs with chemical methods may take several days. As such, this method is time consuming and requires repeated application for complete elimination of bed bugs.

Contact your pest control agent and discuss a plan on how to exterminate the infestation. For the extermination to be effective, you have to do your share such as scrubbing or applying a vacuum cleaner to the otherwise inaccessible areas of the bed.

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I personally use Happy Dave’s Pest Control and local extermination group out of Marietta. I am located about 200 yards from the border that Roswell and Marietta share.

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